About the company

Our Mission

Radical Thinking has a novel approach to business, our job is to create products and services that ensure that you the customer don't need to constant call our rely on us for support and services after the sale.  It's a philosophy most would consider unbusinesslike, we call it doing what's right.  While other companies are concerned about getting every possible dollar from each client we prefer that each client see's the total value from the products we provide them.  This means the products should speak for themselves and need little to no followup support or regular maintenance from Radical Thinking.  The client should be able use the product, rely on the service and not be dis-satisfied with Radical Thinking.  A call to us about something we sold indicates we fell short on our promise to deliver quality and properly identify your needs.  The only situation which we look for clients to come to us is for other services beyond what we initially discussed or additions beyond the original scope meaning the customers business has grown thanks to our products and services.  Your success shows our success and that should be the strive for every service industry.

Radical Thinking is turning our mind-set to br truly customer oriented.  If you fail then we failed and we hate to fail!


Our Beginnings

Radical Thinking was founded in December of 2001 as a brain child of our CEO, Chris Wollesen.  Previous to founding our company Chris had worked for various departments at the State of Illinois.  Tired of political red-tape and a reduction in challenge and innovation, Mr. Wollesen decided to start his own company.  This company would be different from all others in that all employee's would have an equal share in the business decision and direction.  To this day his original idea's still survive as the cornerstone of our company.