Our Services

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Web Services

Website Hosting & Design, Microsoft Exchange Hosting, and Web Management Services these are our core web based services at Radical Thinking. None take precidenace and all are performed to a level of customer satisfaction that strives to make every customer feel like they are our only customer. Our 30 plus years of combined web experience has taught us that to lead the web you need to leverage sound technology, innovative ideas and most of all be involved with your partners needs. We make a concerned effort to learn about your company and it's needs prior to recommending a solution so every need is met and future needs are taken into account.

Servers and Networking

Servers make your computers work together and your network not only enables you to talk to all the machines and resources on within your office, but also lets you get to the internet and gets customers feedback to you. A misconfigured server not only means that you are risk of losing data but just as importantly you are losing productivity and that hurts your bottom line. Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000 time wasted means money wasted and no one can afford that. Take back your productivity and let us assess your network and show you how to make it better, expand it and prepare you for the growth your business is headed for. Securing backups in the case of emergency, ensuring connectivity, expanding your infrastructure and helping you connect faster to the web Radical Thinking can assist in every aspect of your network.

PC Repair

Just like your car your computer needs regular maintenance, check-ups and occasionally a new part or two to keep it going for years to come and to keep up with the demands you put on it. Radical Thinking not only helps you choose the right computer for the tasks at hand now, but also can help you upgrade, enhance and reuse that existing computer for other tasks in the future. From simple things such as virus removal and spyware inoculations to replacement of video cards or memory additions, Radical Thinking can do it all and at a fraction of what the big box stores will charge you.