Wiring Installs

Networking by definition means two or more devices communicating together.  If you've seen any wiring closet or behind anyone's desk you know the rats nest of wires that can hide in the dark reaches out of sight.  In all honesty those wires should be as pretty in the walls as your products are on the shelves.  a messy exterior wiring job just gives a glimpse into the quality of the job done where you can't see it.  Wireless can be a good option to expand, but only if it's done right.  Wireless done incorrectly can expose your network almost as much as letting just anyone walk up to a pc and start using it.  You wouldn't do that so you shouldn't just let anyone do your networking either.  Be it wired or wireless Radical Thinking can craft an expansion, new install or complete revamp that will bring you not only security but piece of mind that it will be just as reliable tomorrow as it is day one.  All our wiring jobs are fully tested, documented and done to industry standards.  From hundreds of ports to home wireless networks we do every size install, all to the same quality and with the same dedication to customer satisfaction.

Feel secure next time that you plug in a machine that it will connect and that you won't be calling a tech and paying yet another bill.  Get Radical Thinking to evaluate your network and give you a plan to bring it up to date, expand it for the future and secure it against malicious attack from the inside and the outside.