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Website Hosting & Design, Microsoft Exchange Hosting, and Web Management Services these are our core web based services at Radical Thinking.  None take precidenace and all are performed to a level of customer satisfaction that strives to make every customer feel like they are our only customer.  Our 30 plus years of combined web experience has taught us that to lead the web you need to leverage sound technology, innovative ideas and most of all be involved with your partners needs.  We make a concerned effort to learn about your company and it's needs prior to recommending a solution so every need is met and future needs are taken into account.

Too often companies come in and try to provide a one size fits all solution, which rarely accomplishes the current needs of the company.  Even less does it provide for a future upgrade and protection path to secure that investment.  Most consulting companies are worried about the continuing sale and service cost, we at Radical Thinking are more concerned about what you'll say to other companies.  The best thing in the world is a referal of "They gave me exactly what I needed and I haven't had to call them for anything yet", that means we did our job and you're happy enough with our products to tell others.

The web portal system we use is generally regarded as a nail in the coffin for most companies because it promotes customers doing all the maintenance work on their own and actually "saving" money.  We see this as a good thing and free's us up to develop relationships with even more customers and offer more services to our entire client base rather than just be like every other company out there and "milk" our client base like cattle.

Be different, stray from the herd and try some Radical Thinking of your own!

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